Releasing the Past Through Discernment

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This gathering was recorded in Florida with David Hoffmeister sharing from the Awakened Mind. During the gathering, David explores advanced spiritual concepts with A Course in Miracles students who are ready to go deeper into their understanding of the ACIM in order to practice true forgiveness. 

David Hoffmeister discusses discerning between the voice of the ego and the voice of the Holy Spirit. He also addresses how releasing the past seems difficult only because of our choice to hold onto the original error, which is to listen to the voice of the ego. Discernment is mind-training in which the mind learns to forgive the voice of the ego and accept the Voice for God. 

David addresses questions about:
  • Addictions (the belief in lack and distorted miracle impulses)
  • Doubt
  • Hierarchy of illusions
  • Desire to be released from illusions
  • Spiritual rituals
  • Mind-watching
  • Projection and self-judgment
  • Trust and acceptance 

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