Wake Up Meditations: A Peaceful Way to Greet the Day - Kirsten Buxton & JP

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Seven guided meditation tracks. Gently awaken each morning with a loving voice that opens your heart and brings peace to your mind. Each meditation begins with a similar message, then flows into different themes such as releasing fear, finding inspiration, and staying connected with Spirit throughout the day. Set these tracks up on your smartphone to play as your "alarm clock" each morning!

How these meditations came about: 
Several friends shared the struggles they were having with negative thoughts first thing in the morning. They loved the idea of being woken by a loving voice that would guide them to relax, breath, focus, and align with their “Higher Self” before they even had to open their eyes. The Wake Up Meditations serve as a bridge between sleeping and waking, by aligning the mind with a clear spiritual purpose for the coming day. 

All tracks begin with a similar message and gentle guidance upon waking, then progress into different themes such as mind-watching, overcoming fear, finding inspiration, remembering your purpose, remembering to connect with your Source / inner Spirit throughout the day, tuning in to guidance and prayer, and giving your day to God.