A Glimpse of Grace - Audiobook (MP3)

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A Glimpse of Grace offers a message that is consistent, clear, uncompromising and absolutely liberating: the Love of God is all there is and It is here now. It has never left you, but only awaits your acceptance. David says:

The Mystical Experience ends the world of duality and conflict forever and is one of clarity, great joy, deep peace, and tranquility. The Experience is not of this world, but radiates from within. It is not a concept; it comes into awareness when all concepts have been laid by. Forgiveness is the last concept

This Audiobook shares deeply insightful knowledge for the spiritual seekers' delight. The short audios are filled with Divine inspiration, all of which share the same consistent message: Release the illusion of separation for only the love of God is real.

Message from David:

Holy Child of God, Nothing need be believed personally, For witnesses to Truth abound Now. Forgiveness has released the belief in the personal, And Spirit is invulnerable in knowing not of separation. There has never been a gap of separation, For All God created One cannot be separate. One can indeed afford to laugh at private thoughts, And the illusion of private minds, Knowing God is All in All, and Oneness Is forevermore. One is perfect and innocent as One is created, And One remains so forever in the Heart of God.

Length: 60 minutes

File size: 61.6 MB of MP3 files


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