Heaven is Perfect - Erik Archbold MP3

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Since answering his heart's calling in 2009 to become a traveling minstrel for God, Erik began having songs from the Spirit pour through him to be freely shared with the world. His devotion to Awakening has allowed him to be used in a way that will gently invite you in... that will sing to you of your innocence and shine away the clouds of separation. With an open and willing heart, join him in this music and receive the gift of Love that you deserve.

1.  Rhythm of the Soul
2.  If Not Now, Then When?
3.  Already Home
4.  Heaven is Perfect
5.  Let Life Unfold
6.  Shine Through
7.  Just Relax
8.  Peace of Mind
9.  This Disguise
10.  It's Only Me
11.  The Silent Song

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