Strawberry Fields Movie and Enlightenment Festival 2014

$ 14.00 -

Experience the path of awakening as never before at the "Strawberry Fields Movie and Enlightenment Festival 2014”. Allow your mind to be expanded beyond all limitations, all the way to the ultimate experience of being the dreamer of the dream. Just sit back, relax and let your whole world be transcended through Spirit’s vision. This is a deep invitation to leap beyond intellect, right into the heart of the message with David Hoffmeister. 

Sessions included:
1. Humbleness - David Hoffmeister
2. David Hoffmeister and Lisa Cairns
3. Intro
4. “Lucy” - Going beyond choice
5. "X-Men” - Collaboration
6. “Transcendence” - Trust
7. Movie Festival Closing Talk

File Size: 614 MB of audio MP3s