Laying Aside Judgment

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Speaking from the Awakened Mind, David Hoffmeister explores advanced spiritual concepts with A Course in Miracles students who are ready to go deeper in their acceptance of metaphysical principles, lay aside judgment, and practice true forgiveness. This set contains many hours of deep discussions on how to be free of judgment and live a life of trust in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Topics include:

  • Guilt from ordering, and identifying with, unreal thoughts
  • Concept of "my own place"
  • Clarity
  • The flow of miracle-mindedness
  • Peace is impossible to the mind that perceives itself in a dualistic world
  • The belief that images are causative
  • To heal, replace attention to body symptoms with certain Intention
  • Making light of death
  • Examining belief in the possibility of sickness
  • All images are past
  • One Solution to the many different forms of the one problem
  • Multiple beliefs or one belief?
  • Appropriate behavior comes only from right-thinking
  • A person causes nothing
  • Uses of body, memory, abilities, and all form, by the ego and by the Holy Spirit
  • Sexual impulses, celibacy
  • The impossibility of sickness , which is an unreal effect of unreal cause
  • Seeking salvation where it is not
  • Laws of God
  • The mind continuously teaches
  • The joy of seeing no value in the world
  • Learning from the experience of holding to Purpose, not from any doing
  • Fearing, hearing, and not trusting Holy Spirit
  • Reminders and rebukes
  • Competition among ACIM teachers
  • What is a fact?
  • Linear time or now?
  • Jesus as a symbol
  • Mistrust
  • Deep-seated belief in time
  • Special love
  • Grievances and perceptions
  • The concept of being violated or invaded
  • The concept of "guru"

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