Georgia, 2003

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In this 2003 discussion between David Hoffmeister with gathering participants, a step-by-step deepening of metaphysical topics unfolds with an uncompromising description of what the mind, consciousness, and Awakening mean. 

In this audio David Hoffmeister teaches that as we still think we are people in bodies, the Holy Spirit has a convincing job to do for us. We come to an experience that we are not bodies at all, but Divine Mind. Through countless miracles we come to the experience that we are defenseless in truth, and there is nothing we need protect; by dropping all defenses, all that remains is the experience of pure Love. As the mind opens to this awareness (true vision), egoic desires with their coinciding attraction to guilt and misery with beliefs in scarcity and sacrifice, all melt away, leaving only the unified awareness of the Christ mind. With our willingness, the Holy Spirit uses all relationships and other symbols of the world, to lead us step by step toward this experience of our Divinity.

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