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Jesus: A Gospel of Love
In this full edition of Jesus: A Gospel of Love, mystic David Hoffmeister offers a deep and transformative interpretation of the Gospels of the Bible, focusing on the presence of Jesus in our lives and the power of his teachings to guide us in our spiritual journey.

Through the pages of this book, readers will be taken on a journey of spiritual awakening. David offers practical guidance and inspiration to help you align with the presence of Jesus within and experience the transformative power of his love.

50 Years of Miracles
The parables shared here are from the life of David Hoffmeister and from the lives of those that have touched him or he has touched.

This is a book of miracle stories. Real-life stories about letting go of wanting to be right and of choosing instead to be happy. These stories recall problems or challenges in the lives of the story-tellers and then illustrate how miracle-mindedness solved them. Like the parables of Jesus, they serve to strengthen our belief in miracles and can encourage us along our own continuing paths to God.