Divine Essence - Svava - The Journey Home

Svava is a mystic who has devoted her life to Awakening. In 2016, after searching for the truth for many years, Svava desperately went down on her knees, to pray to God for help. At this time she began studying A Course In Miracles. Through listening to inner guidance, surrendering to a bigger plan, and letting go of everything in her life, Svava began hearing songs within her mind. Not having any specific musical skills or education, she found herself “downloading” beautiful, divine songs, complete with lyrics and harmonies. 

During the last two years Svava has written over 60 songs, but as she says: “I have never tried to write a song, I just hear them in my mind, they come during the day, or I dream the songs at night.” 

In 2018 Svava was guided to make her first album. In a meditation, Jesus gave her the title Divine Essence and she was shown the image of the album cover. "The Journey Home" is one song from this album.

“Enjoy the journey without distance.”

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