Clearing Away the Darkened Glass

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This Collection was recorded at a gathering in Indiana, David Hoffmeister discusses unlearning the ego with A Course in Miracles and healing the mind. 

Topics include:
  • The commitment to unlearning the ego
  • The continuum of judgment
  • Using mirroring to let go of false beliefs
  • Forgiving duality by forgiving the good
  • Meeting your Self in your brother
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is you
  • You cannot serve two masters
  • Purifying perception
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • The more you look at fear, the less you see of it
  • Pleasure and pain are the same
  • What is choice?
  • The five senses serve the ego
  • Healing is of the mind
  • Willingness is all it takes to be a miracle worker
  • The Holy Spirit teaches through contrast
  • What is free will?
  • I do not know the thing I am
  • You are entitled to Life
  • Misdirected miracle impulses
  • The disappearance of the world

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