Awareness of Dreaming

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Unplug from Hypotheticalville!

David launches into this talk during a month long silent retreat by answering the question of how manifesting can occur if the script is already written. This leads into a discussion of the 12-Step Program’s Serenity Prayer and the profound metaphysical principle behind it: that is, the difference between what can be changed, what cannot be changed, and how to know the difference.

When we finally let go of the belief that we are not the small, changeable selves we thought we were, we will be able to accept that we are eternal, abstract and innocent. David guides us to the awareness that change is hell and constancy is Heaven. He forces us to look away from the external, hypothetical world for answers, and towards the awareness that we are the Dreamer of the dream.

Running time: 1 hour 21 minutes
Formats: DVD