20th Anniversary of Non-Compromising Truth

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Enjoy this two CD set of David Hoffmeister's classics! These gems are edited versions of some of the old tape recordings from David Hoffmeister's sessions with students in the 1990s around A Course in Miracles concepts. They have now been published anew, on the 20th anniversary of his years of traveling and sharing in the name of Christ. This CD set is a tribute to David Hoffmeister's ever-consistent devotion and unwavering love, always extended and offered so freely.

CD 1
1. Sharing Some Basic Course Ideas
2. Cause is in the Mind

CD 2
3. No Control Over the World - Part 1
4. No Control Over the World - Part 2
5. No Control Over the World - Part 3
6. No Control Over the World - Part 4
7. Approaching the Idea of Forgiveness
8. Stillness; Going Beyond the Words