If you are already a member of our ministry you can email resources@livingmiraclescenter.org for a 10% discount code for all products before you make a purchase.

Become a member of our ministry
As we have friends all around the world, this membership is open to everyone, no matter how close you live to the physical location of the church in the USA. If you feel that this is something you would like to be a part of, we would be honored to have you as an officially recognized member of our ministry!

Being a member of this ministry is about relationship. "A friend is a friend forever if the Lord is the Lord of them" is a beautiful statement that sums up what our relationship is. We are united in our shared purpose of forgiveness and awakening to the truth of Who we are as God's beloved Son. This holy relationship is not based on what we do, or how much we contribute in form. It is based on the desire to join in the Spirit. Our Heart's Calling is to know God, and this ministry is a way for us to serve God, join with devoted companions, and receive the spiritual benefits that come from opening our heart and mind to His message of forgiveness.

The real benefits are purely spiritual through involvement with the ministry. However, membership also includes:

- 10% discount on all published materials
- Regular church e-newsletter

To become a member of our ministry you are:

- In agreement with our Statement of Faith
- In an ongoing relationship with the ministry (see next page for details)
- Signing up for an annual membership contribution of 40 USD per year*

*This financial contribution helps support the basic administration costs and services of the membership.

Please click on this link to see the details of the above and register your membership!

God Bless!
David Hoffmeister