If you downloaded a zipped file with the eBooks. You will want to extract it first to access it. This is done by right clicking (or control clicking on a mac) and then select "extract here" in the list of options that become available.


If you have an Amazon Kindle, or the Kindle app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can visit this page which has detailed instructions of how to send to your account an eBook or texts from the computer, a browser, through email, or from an Android device:


You can follow these instructions to move any eBooks onto your Nook:


For any other eReaders you will need to download and install a free program online called Calibre that manages eBooks. (Calibre is also a great way to read eBooks on your computer)

You can download the mac version here: 

And the windows version can be downloaded here:

After installing this program, you can open it up and “drag and drop” your eBooks into the main window within Calibre. Once they are in the program you can connect your device to your computer by its USB cable. If there is a lock screen, you'll need move pass that by swiping and access the device's home page. Then, on your computer, you right click the eBook you want to transfer that’s within the Calibre listing and select “Send to Device,” sending it to the option highlighted that matches your device's name. After the transfer, you must eject your device from the computer before unplugging.

You’ve successfully loaded an eBook onto your reader!

Smartphones and Tablets

If you would like to download an eBook to your smart phone or tablet, you will need to have an eReader app already installed. There are many free or paid eReaders available for Android and IOS. You can download our eBook to your device directly or transfer it to the device through your computer. Some eReading apps will scan your device and list the eBook automatically, while other apps require that you move the eBook to a specific folder (such as the “kindle” folder for the Amazon Kindle app).

Feel free to contact store@livingmiracles.org if you have any questions.