Pearls from the Mind Awake - eBook

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These short writings from David Hoffmeister guide the mind into a deep and deliberate rest.

"There is an experience that brings an end to all uncertainty and an end to all questions. The experience is Love. The experience of Love is Divinely Inspired and changelessly Eternal. Love does not come and go, or arise and fall like the sun, nor does it shine brightly only to fade and disappear for a time. Love is not personal or specific. It is impossible to Love something specific, for Love is Whole and knows no parts. Love is without an opposite, being Everything God creates forever. Divine Mind is God, is Love, is All."


Sprinkled with delicate water color illustrations throughout, this eBook is a gift for the heart ... allow the mind to be gently bathed in the Light of Truth!


Format of eBook files: ePUB, ePDF