Going Deeper

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This collection of audios are from David Hoffmeister speaking at an extensive gathering. He explores advanced spiritual concepts with ACIM students who are ready to go deeper in their understanding of A Course in Miracles in order to practice mind watching and true forgiveness.

Topics Include:
  • One problem, one solution
  • Salvation is accomplished
  • Lesson 79: "Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved."
  • Bringing all problems back to the mind
  • Subject-object split
  • Thought-forms and their "associations"
  • Concepts and constructs of the mind,
  • Observer, observed
  • Practicing mind-watching
  • Victimization
  • Control issues
  • Belief in lack and scarcity
  • Forgiveness
  • Holy relationship
  • Cause and effect
  • Looking into the mind instead of out "in the world"
  • Identifying false thoughts
  • Helping the untrained mind discern between purpose of Holy Spirit and ego
  • The judgment and ordering of thoughts
  • " I Need Do Nothing"
  • "The Little Garden"
  • Revelation and the holy instant
  • The "death" and Resurrection of Jesus
  • The two thought systems
  • The development of trust
  • Pain and pleasure
  • "The Little Hindrance"
  • "The Immediacy of Salvation" 

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