Grace: Get Me Back on the Strings

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This talk was filmed at a retreat with David Hoffmeister, in Loomis, California it brings clarity to a wide range of topics and invites viewers into greater trust in the Spirit. Learn how to relax and allow all things to be given by cultivating a mental state of receptivity. Discover the true prayer of your heart through David’s illumination of the Pinocchio parable.
Pinocchio wanted to get off the strings, to be a “real boy” a special individual! This is the journey of separation. Learn how the strings connect you to the Holy Spirits guidance. By experiencing the innocence of being done through, you discover that you could never be personally responsible for your actions. By trusting, you become more and more aware of your dependence on the Spirit to guide you. As a result, the belief in guilt dissolves and true responsibility is taken, in mind! Getting back on the strings is the recognition that there is only one will for you, joy!

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Formats: mp4 video file, streaming, DVD

Download file size: 397 MB