Divine Providence

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In this video, David Hoffmeister offers powerful examples of exactly how the ego mind goes about holding onto the illusion of security. He points out that our search for stability in the world will always fail. This is because the maker of the world, the ego, is temporary, therefore, everything we gain in the world is also temporary. This can result in nothing more than stress in our lives and reinforce our belief in lack. 

In this candid discussion, David reminds us that our only way out is to become God-dependent because nothing other than the Love of God can sustain us. Learning to live in divine providence, he says, can only come by having complete faith in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This radical act will lead us to the point of finally realizing that we are, and always have been, fully supported by our Divine Source.

Running time: 1 hour 23 minutes
Formats: mp4 video file, streaming, DVD

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